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The classrooms are equipped with latest technology used and available in education across the globe to enable the students to have a better grasp of the subjects.

Practically all the classrooms are enabled and powered by Educomp Smart Class and Next Education. They are airy and spacious with adequate natural light that make the classroom ambience suitable for teaching and learning.

Each classroom is equipped with the modern technology like smart class and education Next with audio-visual facilities to facilitate the learning of the students using the multiple Intelligence methodology.

The classrooms are airy, spacious and well ventilated conducive to learning for the students. The furniture of the classroom are such that they are suitable for every child of the class.

The classroom walls of the Junior wing are decorated with attractive and educative pictures and photographs that fire the imagination of the students to learn their subjects faster, quicker and efficiently.

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DAFFODILS WORLD SCHOOL, Sikar is to evoke a passion for learning and develop the requisite set of attitudes, skills, and knowledge ...

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Daffodils World School Jeevan Nagar, Bajaj Gram, Sanwali, Sikar (Rajasthan)332021.

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