Facilities Facilities


Airy , spacious and technology enabled powered by Educomp smart classrooms with adequate natural light and feel of openness.


Spacious library designed to meet the specific needs of the students. Stalked with the vast collection of books to suit the most varied interests.


Activity block fully equipped with all the art and craft , music and dance facilities (both western and Indian), to develop an appreciation of  various from around the world as well as the rich heritage of our country.


The school has well experienced faculties to develop children in studies along with basic knowledge. Students are getting proper English speaking environment right from the preliminary stage.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co- Curricular activities are regular features like dance music , dramatics excursions , inter school competitions and social work tips to various places to boost confidence and self esteem of the children.

Games and Sports

A swimming pool, a cricket pith with lush , green outfield, a basket ball court , a skating rink and an indoor badminton court are part of the school ground. Inter class and inter house competition are held in the various games and the sports culture helps in character building , stamina , competitiveness and team spirit.

Rules and Regulations

A student, seeking admission to the school is registered only after the completed registration form is submitted to the school. Based on the admission test and other criteria, the school reserves the right to admit students who are found fit for admission. In all matter related to admission the management decision is final.

  • People who have attended another school cannot be admitted until a transfer certificate from the earlier school is produced.
  • No refund of fees for withdrawal during the term.
  • Parents must not enter the classroom to see their wards or teacher during the class hours. They can only meet the teachers on parent teacher meetings or after the departure of the students.
  • Parents are required to co-operate with the school in helping their children, they should check the bags of the children for any circular, notice and invitation that may have been issued.
  • Children when sick should not be sent to school, for any specific medical problem the parent must inform the school authority prior to the session.
  • Parents attention is drawn to the fact that any criticism of a teacher in the presence of the child causes the child to lose respect for the teacher and retards progress so it should be avoided at all cost.
  • Any communication by the parents should be addressed to the principal
  • Fighting , use of abusive language or anti social behaviour is strictly prohibited in the school premises. It would be strictly dealt with and could lead to rustication.

Our School

DAFFODILS WORLD SCHOOL, Sikar is to evoke a passion for learning and develop the requisite set of attitudes, skills, and knowledge ...

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Daffodils World School Jeevan Nagar, Bajaj Gram, Sanwali, Sikar (Rajasthan)332021.

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