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    Result 2020

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    Admission Opens for 2021-22

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    Sports Complex

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    Art & Creativity

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    Unique Birthday Celebration

Founded in the year 2008, DAFFODILS WORLD SCHOOL has touched and created many milestones throughout the years. Home to merely 17 students at its initiation, this esteemed educational institution has widened its doors to many more under the guidance and leadership ofthe distinguished Director Mr. Sanjeev Kulhari,  of this visionary institution. The vision that started with purely a thought has blossomed into a beautiful garden of strength, discipline, and dedication. Every child has his or her own story to shape, and we at DAFFODILS WORLD SCHOOL are proud to be a part of their journey and growth. We are proud of our diligent and round-the-clock working team of teachers who make sure to guide the students at every step of the ladder and work closely with them to impart wisdom and techniques. Today the school is one of the most reputed and glorified institutions in the vicinity with the competence to create the future of today’s generation.

Catering to the variety of steps in the upbringing and intellect of a student we master the art of providing ‘Total Education’ that begins at the doorstep of our institution. Nurturing and developing a child’s heart and brain at the same time, our aim and belief are in transforming the student at every corner of the road. We believe in the amalgamation of spirit, heart, mind, and body as education is not only for the mind but the spirit too. We aim to create a healthy and fun environment for our students and staff. The major boosting element for any institution is to work hand in hand with their staff to give a shape to the vision. We ensure to plant the idea of growth and equality in the minds of our students. Our aim is to encourage each student with a holistic embodiment for their tomorrow.

The Educational voyage at DAFFODILS WORLD SCHOOL goes past giving learning, with experienced staff and values that form unison. We provide every student with a planned and detailed outlook. We believe in the scholastic and co-scholastic atmosphere to resurrect the transformation of a child. DAFFODILS WORLD SCHOOL is affiliated (in the year 2012-13)to the Central Board of Secondary School (CBSE), Delhi. It prepares students for All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) / Class X. We sincerely follow the board policy, maintaining classes prescribed by the board, and also caters to the extra advancement of a child. We endeavor to furnish our students with fundamental abilities and qualities that assist them throughout their life. A togetherness of Scholastic and co-scholastic regimes can pave the way for every child’s interest, and we at DAFFODILS WORLD SCHOOL are proud of these both.

“Cater your mind with the spirit of a healthy competition to represent the best version of yourself”. This is the prime part of the journey of a human being. Here we follow the same by building every child’s mind in a way that it is ready to uphold life in a certain and bold way. This institution plays the role of a push-platform to prepare every pupil to persuade and prosper in the choices of their future profession.




·         Aims at academic excellence.

·         Believes in imparting knowledge – confidence, not mere knowledge or mere confidence.

·         Celebrates a culture of excellence in academics and the all-around development of children.

·         Individualised attention to each child to cater to their diverse learning needs.

·         Talented, experienced, and dedicated fraternity with linguistic and cultural diversities.

·         Outstanding academic results since 2014 with the crown of ‘District Topper’ in 2019.

·         Stupendous achievements in the fields of sports and co-curricular.

·         Wide range and depth of community service programs, starting from Grade- III.

·         Upholds Indian culture and values, whilst fostering global citizenship.

·         A safe and secure learning environment with CCTV surveillance in all corners.

·         Focused on students' well-being.


·         Innovative Learning Environment to create innovative minds free from the shackles of traditional boundaries.

·         The philosophy of continuous innovation influences Daffodiliansand guides their ongoing improvement.

·         Futuristic buildings and environment-friendly campuses.

·         Technologically advanced teaching methods

·         Value-Based Education to provide a solid academic foundation and a rich co-scholastic program, guided by four core values.

1)      World Citizenship: Empowering students with a global and local perspective.

2)      Leadership Qualities: Developing each student’s individuality and discovering their potential.

3)      Universal Values: Accepting that we are all diff­erent, recognizing that we are all the same.

4)      Forward Thinking: Developing skills for the future.


·         ‘Saturday Competition’ on every Saturday is a distinguishing discovery of Daffodils World School to develop and enhance student's skills in their desired field of interest.

·         Our special MORNING ASSEMBLY charms up each mind on each new day in a fresh new way.

·         We celebrate nature on the celebration day of our Birthday. Gifting of plants is a different initiative taken and followed in Daffodils World School.

·         The school almanac is studded with the important days of the year. To acquaint pupils about the importance of those days we follow a special way of commemoration each of them.

·         To preserve the traditional heritage and cultivate cultural sense, each major festival is celebrated in a unique co-curricular style.

·         Emphasizing the importance of a staple diet and encouraging students to follow the same during ‘Lunch-Break’.

·         Provision of ‘Fruit-Break’ to balance the needed nutrients and vitamins in the body.

Our School

DAFFODILS WORLD SCHOOL, Sikar is to evoke a passion for learning and develop the requisite set of attitudes, skills, and knowledge ...

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Daffodils World School Jeevan Nagar, Bajaj Gram, Sanwali, Sikar (Rajasthan)332021.

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