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The students in the classroom are more important than the subject matter we teach…

I still remember the summer of 2008, with lofty ambitions and humble resources, a herculean task of propping up an educational abode, was never a ‘Ready Steady’ sort of thing. Perchance, that’s where the crux lying beneath the genesis of Daffodils World School has been.
Since the inception of the school, in April, 2008, I have experienced the exhilaration of nurturing the students from Nursery to the Matriculation, who shower love and goodness even after they have passed out of the school. I also have received unfettering appreciation and encouragement for running the school for the welfare and development of different segments of the society. It is your continuous support & goodwill in various ways & stages of the institution, has helped Daffodils World School, shine in the city, creating a strong Parent – Child – Teacher Rapport to provide our children better and holistic education through the medium of English.
Abraham Lincoln once said“ Tell me I forgot; teach me and I remember; involve me and I learn…” Is academic stability is the only concern of society? If that’s how the tide goes on, we the daffodils, dare to move “against the tide”…….No doubt, a skyscraping C.G.P.A at the end of an academic session does make one “ feel” good. One has to comprehend that grades do come; percentiles do shine; mark sheets are prepared, gazed at, scanned and then kept in paper files, post job interviews; however, what really remains in a child is that little pat from a teacher on the back, when he slipped that warm embrace which says “I’m there….” When it seems journey’s over the assurance which echoes….“ No matter how many times you fail, I’ll stand by your side” perchance that’s exactly what teaching is all about. Let’s forget if there are some who are born to “score big”, there are the others as well, for whom life’s “ bigger” than their off white grades and red inked note books.

So …….. welcome to Daffodils World School where your child can sniff………..


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